Friday, November 21, 2008

cause and effect

i can not describe the cause but i will describe the affect:

i cried in the bowling alley during my entire lunch.

we had a "conference" in the ladies room...

i feel better now...but still have an ominous feeling

i hate the way things are at the moment.

if only if only if only!!!!


we bought a christmas tree and ornaments and all kinds of cool stuff at wallyworld and then ate dinner at Outback.

we even got the kid's stockings --however we don't have our own stockings --nice huh? i need to get some fabric paint or something to write Nilla and Lo-Jack's names on thier stockings --we got plain jain ones for them --thier hamsters, seriously i think we're insane getting them this stuff lol

BTW, I missed one of my besties birthdays --- You know who you are! And I'm sorry -forgive me?? And happy belated birthday!!! (almost a month late....) how could i have missed it around my most favoritest holiday??? seriously you are an awesome friend thinking of me and sending me a halloween card!!!

well, my holiday card mailing is almost complete. all i need are the stamps (waiting for them to arrive in the mail -ordered them wednesday- damn post office) and then it's off to mail out the christmas cards!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!