Thursday, October 23, 2008

your not gonna believe who's preggers!

no, it aint me... (yet)

Pic is pregnant... (my Partner in crime) she told me today. i'm like the only person at work who knows. she couldn't not keep from telling me she said. how awesome is that?! work bestie is knocked up!!!

and pregnancy has brought me an Bama a little closer together ---altho i'm sure its because she's got a job with internet again has alot to do with it as well. oh well. working on getting together with her. i'm glad she's stopped the stuff she was doing pre pregnancy. altho she's dropping hints she's going to back post pregnancy... sigh. i have to keep telling myself "its not your life, its hers, stay out of it and just be her friend"

But seriously! i am SOOO happy for Pic! she's having a baby!! she's asked me not to tell anyone... no one at work reads this ------atleast i don't think they do------- .....

so we're both off work tomorrow.... (friday) who wants to skip work and hang out with us???