Thursday, October 02, 2008

Recovery - Day 3 & 1st Day back to Work

Not to "toot my horn" but I must say I duly and truly kicked fucking ass today at work. I got my goal of getting a huge client off my desk and into the approval phase. Even the other person who was doing thier bills before never got it into approval that fast.

I also got about another billion small things done and caught up. Like I said, I totally fucking kicked ass today at work. I made up for my 2 days of being off. Oh yes I did!!

--My recovery... I had to take a pain pill this morning after I got to work. I think I sat down or got up wrong and just totally shocked my body with pain. However, when I was putting on my panties and pants today I could bend over a little further than before!!! that threshold has definatly widened!!!

The crappy thing is that last night I had to take one to help me get to sleep. Normally if I lay on my leftside it helps relieve the back pain. Unfortunatly lastnight it made it worse.. Laying on my rightside made it worse... Back-Tummy-everything I couldn't get comfy.

All day today I feel like my leg is tingly numb. Off n on... I don't realize it and suddenly I'll feel it and it's gone as fast as it came. My appointment is in 2 weeks so we'll see what she has to say.

---On another note---

Talk about your timing!!! We got a notice in the mail today lettered to "dwellers of the home" -normally I wouldn't open it up and read it but it was from a law office that has been sending letters our landlord here in the condo. Sure enough, he's defaulted alright. He's not paid the association dues since MAY! And they are giving him 30 days to pay or they'll kick us out!!! I can't believe that they can kick you out of your home that you have a loan with the bank. But I guess they can.

So, I'm going to ask our new landlord WHO is responsible for the association dues, etc. I don't want to come home from work one day and find another letter like that. He told us that it was being paid for out of the rent that we gave him monthly.

That is so fucking scary! I can't imagine if Joe had let me have my way and we had waited until January to move out!!! I'm so thankful that he convinced me to keep looking and that we found the townhouse! I'd hate to be out on the street and no where to go because our stupid head landlord defaulted on the association fees and the monthly mortgage payments.

I can't wait until tomorrow!! we're taking Nilla to the Condo (I mean) Townhouse... (most likely drake too) to hang out and finish up getting everything ready for the movers on Saturday!!! I can't believe we're moving! I am SO happy!!!