Tuesday, October 14, 2008

grinding bones in my spinal column?

so there isn't a tear in the disc. the disc is basically null and void. so that shit they squirted in with the epidural is suppose to help make a cushony pillow and replace the disc, but it doesn't do much but relieve some of the pain and the inflamed tissues irritated by the disc being gone. but i still have a concentrated pain. it doesn't move and when i move it stays right where its at.

so when your discs dessicate (dissicate? ..something like that...basically shrink from a grape to a raisin just not as juicy) it can do this unevenly causing pressure onto one side or the other. and my pain is on the left side. and the only way i can think of it is "the princess & the pea" and you know how no matter how many mattresses there were, she could still feel the pea?

well, they threw down a nice soft comfy mattress and i can still feel this pea. and what she thinks is that this pea is a nerve that is being pinched when i move. but its remote and hidden so they wouldn't have noticed it when they were in there or with the MRI unless thier looking for JUST THAT.

so now, on the 11th of November she's going to go in and isolate that pea. she's going to put a barrier around it. if this stops my pain then she's going to remove the nerve. only way to stop the pain. the barrier is temporary. it can last from 1 week to even 3 years but its only temporary. removing the nerve: permanant. and she'll remove the nerve when the barrier fails. can't do nothing else, unfortunatly. it's not like they remove part of my spine ya know? and the scary thing is that its 2 bones of my spinal column compressing together so it could end up causing a pressure fracture if i'm not seriously careful.

so in the future we're looking at : more spinal epidural injections for the space where my disc use to be (well, there's a dried up piece of nothingness there now) --the time frame for these is how hard or easy i am on myself. the less i do of things that are harmful to my back, the better. and the longer the epidural will last.

we're also looking at having a MRI atleast once a year, no more than 2 years apart. --MAYBE 3. depending on pain levels. (crosses her fingers)

so that's that. i'm going to have a nerve isolated in my spine and if i feel no more pain after that she will remove the nerve completely.

if that doesn't work and i still feel that pain: we'll cross that bridge when we get there.