Wednesday, October 15, 2008

deja vu anyone?

so i get a voicemail from the Dr's office today. they are cancelling my appointment next month for the whole nerve isolation test.

why do you ask? well, its about the insurance and it being a pre-existing condition...which it's NOT. which we've already been through this over and over again. my insurance has paid and will continue to pay in the future for these treatments and office visits. *IF* this was not covered, I would not have the notices from the insurance stating it was *PAID*

so the last time this happened it took a month for it to get straight. do you remember that?

well, i got a copy of the form in the mail today and its your standard form that all doctor offices have to fill out when you have new insurance. i think this person is a stupid idiot and should not be in the billing and insurance part of the company if she can't diferentiate between a "denied" form and a "requesting more information" form to process the claims.

seriously, how fucking stupid can you be?

and ofcourse the damn bitch leaves the office at 4pm which is stupid because most of the people out there in world of working do not get off until 5pm or later. i happen to get off at 4:30 and not 5:30 because of joe's hours causing me to have to go in earlier than everyone else. and this wouldn't be a problem if she's just call me back -which the last time we were on this merry-go-round she kept calling my cell instead of the office number like i told her to so i could answer. so our differing hours are another reason as to why it took a fucking month before i could even get in for my initial consultation. i can't talk on my cell or really step away from desk for that long at work --the head of my department is RIGHT FUCKING NEXT TO ME.

i'm filing a formal complaint against her. this is bullshit.