Tuesday, September 09, 2008

do what now?

ok so i'm at work and having an aboslutely marvelous day when my lovely handsome sends me an email to a link to a condo that's for rent in schaumburg.

it's absolutely amazing on paper.

we drive by

it's absolutely amazing in person.

i've called the owner. she sounds very nice. we're going to go look at it tomorrow.

1st floor. private patio. washer/dryer in unit. what we were paying before our rent was reduced here. better location. SO close to the mall! and all our favorite restaurants...

but houston, we have a problem!!!

we have enough cash to pay them for the deposit. HOWEVER we don't have enough for 1st month's rent! *cries* BUT thier ad implies that you only need the deposit to move in. If we can get it finagled to have the rent on the 1st of the month that would be awesome...

however there is the glitch of our current landlord. i'm sure he'd take the security deposit and use it as last month's rent. that way we can take our time and not rush. we'd have a month to move but we'd have to switch over utilities immediatly.

oh mygods i'm stressing! this place is absolutely beautiful. and Joe says he has the feeling that this is the next place w're going to move to!

so, since we can't afford movers (because we didn't have enough time to save up for deposit, 1st months & moving costs) who wants to help us move if we get the fabulous condo in Schaumburg?!