Monday, September 01, 2008

Happy Labor Day!

Hope yours was as funtabulous as mine!

Friday: I had to work while Joe stayed home. Later that evening we went on a minidate and got cold stone creamery. After that we came back home and I made fried chicken with stuffing, mashed tators & spinach. Then we played SneezyMud allnight long and went to bed way too late.

Saturday: We got up early and cleaned the house. Afterwards I made biscuits and gravy HMMMM YUMMY! And then our landlord paid a visit with our revised lease and all's well. THEN! the fun began: we played sneezy til time to go to the baseball game! We went to the Schaumburg Flyers game and invited KRM along. It was so much fun! I had an absolute blast. Thanks for sharing in our fun, KRM! It was so wonderful to see you again and I'm happy that Joe had a male to "talk baseball" with! Gods know I know diddly about the game. The tickets were Joe's birthday gift from me. (His birthday is on the 3rd of Sept. Everyone make sure you wish my love a happy birthday!) After the game we came home, played on sneezy and ofcourse we stayed up way too late again!

Sunday: Joe's day to pick what he wanted to do! As if baseball isn't enough! Men :) But me! I'm all for letting him do anything (mostly) and everything (sometimes) that he wants to do. So we headed down to Aurora and had SONIC! for lunch! OHMIGODS and it was so worth the 30 minute drive! Then we headed to the sports dome. My first time ever to play minigolf. It was so fun! Then we did the gokarts. Once again a blast and Joe lapped me twice! And all of the kids did too! I'm such a scaredy cat :) And finally we hit some balls in the batting cages. I did fairly well in the slow softball and medium softball. Joe however kicked ass in them all and the poor guy has blisters from swiinging so much! Talk about a passion needing to be released. I told him that I support his going to find a team to play on, even if its just a little county community team. Lets all wish him luck and give him much cheer and praise that he can do it and he should do what his heart desires!

Ofcourse I got a little too much heat on sunday and ended up crashing out way too early. Today however I had to work but got off 2 1/2 hours early. It was me and 1 other person. I cranked the radio and we busted our asses.

Now I'm going to harass Joe for a while. He needs it.