Thursday, July 06, 2006

oh i'm gettin pissed now

What's gettin me pissed you ask? well, i'm fixin to let you know.

I went out lastnight with Viking. that doesn't piss me off. what does is the fact that the lifestyle he leads, if this went anywhere, my parents would do nothing but shun him. From what I got from his mom (who is 80 years old) and from him is that He was working at an awesome job in Denver. His bro died and now he's raising his 2 nephews with his mom. He stays at home and takes care of them. When school starts next year he'll get a job for while thier in school. He's 40 years old. YES, I made out with a 40 year old... but he acts like he's in his late 20s and never stepped out of the 80's he's awesome. my parents would NEVER approve of me with a 40 year old. he's got 3 daughters and 1 son that he just found out about... damn

Inked hasn't gotten back ahold of me, still... I can't believe I fucked this guy. And now nothing.

Adonis! OOOOOH, I got home from Viking's this afternoon and used my sister Pebble's cell phone to call him. He said he'd be on his way soon to come get me... That was 7 hours ago. Little Rock is about an 1-1/2 to 2 hour drive. ya, where the fuck are you, Adonis? Once again, my calls and emails and txt messages are being ignored. And, ofcourse, it doesn't help that my dad has decided to rub all this shit in my face. ofcourse he'd rub it in my face.

I've already called Jack and told her I'd meet her in Little Rock tomorrow for Edge Fest, that Adonis is on his way here... and I can't call her to tell her I don't think he's comming simply because no one will get off the fucking godamn phone!

Oh god I am so pissed.

And now, it seems that Adonis is standing me up...AGAIN AGAIN AGAIN! OH! I am so pissed!