Friday, July 07, 2006

Lonely Day

System of a Down

Anyone who reads my bitching will know that I like to play the fool. I'm generally a happy and loving and caring person. HOWEVER, there is a big difference in playin the fool and being made fool. Which, for some reason, keeps happening to me.

Oh ya, I'm still really pissed off and I'm gonna be pissed off for a long time over this shit. You want to know who I'm missing? I am going to miss Rob Zombie, Anthrax, Trappt, Shinedown ...YA... I do believe I have a right to be pisssed. NOW, if I would have known this shit was gonna happen, I would have bought my own fucking ticket or made sure I had enough money saved back for the 'at gate' charge.. but no, he swore to me, nothing was going to fuck this up.

Oh my gods.. You know, I keep hearing his voice repeat in my head over and over again "I can't stand a liar, I hate a liar" WTF! I guess you must hate yourself. DONT even think your gonna read this and then send me an email or call me and make it all better now. OH NO. We are NOT going through that shit AGAIN.

Crystal & Hal, I'm sorry I didn't listen to you guys about Adonis. I really really am. I don't know what the fuck I was thinking... You know, the one thing that keeps popping up in my twisted fucking mind is that he's married. Right now I think that could be the worst thing, to be someone's fucking EGO boost, that he could have someone on the side. AND IT REALLY PISSES ME OFF.

ME? I don't like lying. I don't like Liars. What really pisses me off is being fucking IGNORED. Don't you dare ignore me. Not without a good fucking reason. And you have NO goddamned reason to ignore me. Oh my god I am so mad. I am so maad. I'm sick to my stomach I am so upset.

You know how many people asked me out while I was 'talking to you' and I turned them down like a stupid dumb ass that I am?! DO YOU!? NO, you don't. You know how STUPID you make me look? HOW utterly and completely fucking STUPID you make me out to be. I was some game for you. Some game to play. I hate being someone's fucking toy. I hate being a game that you decide to play. With my emotions. With my feelings. You rank right up there with Hephastus and Aries, Adonis. OH, yes you do.

You PROMISED me that you weren't like that. And what did you do? YOU FUCKING DID THIS. All this is your godddamned fault. I take no blame. DO NOT CALL ME! DO NOT EMAIL ME! I NEVER want to hear from you again. Your being removed from messengers. So don't even try.

Do you still read this? I hope you do. I hope you read it and weep. Because you have now lost the best thing that will NEVER happen for you. And that goes for all the fucking losers out there that want to play games. I, am the best thing you'll NEVER have.

Don't toy with me. Don't fucking toy with me and my emotions. I'm a sweetheart. I really am. But I can be one helluva bitch when I need to be. Or when I'm made to be a bitch. Don't believe me? Ask my ex-husband. He'll tell you.

DON'T fuck with THE BITCH.