Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Lets have a little "Jenny" time shall we?

I ran across Asa's campaign letter through via Technography and had to share. I really like his ideas and what he plans to do about our illegal immigrant problems. I, have no problem at all with other Nation's/Country's people comming over here and wanting to reap the benefits of being an American Citizen...Get it? BECOME A CITIZEN! Don't freak come over here and not do a damn thing to help this country. I can't stand a moocher! Your mooching off my hard earned tax paying dollars and I've very damn well sick of it. Get the fuck out if your not gonna contribute to anything positive.

I was suppose to go out with a friend tonight and celebrate the 4th. I seem to have gotten "stood up". Hmmm, don't like that. Yall could have atleast called or something if you were not going to come and get me. Instead of leaving me hanging.

However, in light of that, it gave me the opportunity to catchup on my blog reading.

It is going on... lets see, close to a week (if not longer) since I've heard from Adonis. that is really starting to grate my nerves. I've made efforts to contact him. I've talked to a few friends of mine and they said I might as well kiss Edge Fest good-bye because I aint going. They dont think I'll be hearing from Adonis ever again. Hmmmm, it would be curteous to atleast send an email?! Hell, I dont know. Fuck it at the moment.

SO, if I don't go to Edge Fest, I have no idea what I'm gonna do Friday. I can't go and pick up my check because I've already requested that day off...and well, I'm 'gonna be in little rock' according to the schedule. *rolls her eyes*

I'm really starting to hate men. I am. The one thing in this world I can't stand the most is to be 'blown off' without a cause. A justified reason. SOMETHING! Throw me a friggin bone here. Atleast give me a little something to nibble on.

I wonder if I could turn full blown lesbian.... Oh hell no, I'm a woman. I know what kind of issues we have. No freakin way! I'll stick with keepin my girls as a side dish (wait, it might happen sooner or later, the whole full blown lesbian).

Hell, I don't know what more to rant and rave about.

I leave you all with this...

Even if you don't care for our public officials (aka the president or the senate, etc) PLEASE make sure your not neglecting our Soldiers because of it. Its not thier fault. YES, they chose to be military, but they are not responsible for the actions of our Nation's Leaders. Disagree with the Leaders all you want. But please don't neglect our Soldiers. Because of these brave Men and Women we can sleep a little easier at night KNOWING they are there to protect and defend us. Stand proud and tall that you are an American and we have awesome people that make up our Armed Forces that we can rest easily they will and do defend us well. And ALL peoples that wish to live in Free Nations.

I, myself, would proudly go and join the Army, Marines, Navy, Air Force (which ever branch would have me), but I know that I do not have what it takes to me in the Military. But I still stand next to my fellow citizens that do have what it takes. And I support them with every fiber of my being. If it wasn't for men and women like Them, we wouldn't have our current freedoms today.

Be Proud to be An American!


And yes, I'm always going to be proud to be from the South, born bred and raised!


**note**please pardon the bad grammer, spelling, and all around typos in this post. i've been up close to over 24 hours now and fixin to head to bed... please forgive me? ya, i knew you would! *hugs, kisses and much love*