Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Worthless Mothers

PISS me the fuck off more than anything out there in this WORLD!

"I" myself would be a GREAT mother. I know this because I have raised OTHER people's children. But yet, you have these scum bag women who can't even take care of themselves AND THIER HAVING KIDS! Obviously, they don't care one fucking bit about thier child's welfare.

WHY do I have to be surrounded by women who have NO motherly instinct AT ALL. And I have to watch this shit. I've tried to change it. I've tried to help. I can only do so much. AND this pisses me the FUCK OFF.

Worthless mothers. Worthless fathers. People who have no business at all having kids have them ALL THE DAMN TIME. And people, like me (excluding my current terrible financial situation) would make awesome parents.

I'm going to end up a murderer yet. In defence of innocent children. And watch. My ass will be behind bars forEVER while the worthless parent gets a fucking slap on the wrist.