Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Kitties of the House

This is my baby girl, Mysterious Devyne

I'm just a little spoiled rotten princess. My mommy loves me BUNCHES. I'm my mommy's thousands of $$$ baby cuz she spent TONS to keep me alive after resqueing me from an abusive home. I'm a hymalayan and very prissy.

My Baby boy, Drakkus de Elder Thyme

Yo, I'm a momma's boy. Try to act bad-ass but when my mommy aint around I'm miserable and cry for her all the time. I often do things to get attention, good, bad or indifferent it doesnt matter to me as long as mommy is payin attention to ME and not my brat sister....oh ya, and i like tormenting Shuman.

My sis' hellspawn, Shuman...This cat hates me and everyone else but Daddy and Pebbles

*HIIISSSSSSSS* I hate everyone. I don't like to be petted and I love to jump out in the middle of the night on my Aunt Jenny when she goes to the bathroom. My hobbies are sitting in the middle of the floor and when she walks by attack her. I hate that bitch and her fucking kids... I'll kill them one of these days. I love my mommy but she left me here with my Grandparents for safe keeping. Grandpa is the only one in this house that can do anything with me. I even play tricks for HIM. Fuck everyone else! I don't know where I come from, I was found on the side of the road and taken pitty on when I was kitten...Satan was probly my father and Hera my mother.