Saturday, June 03, 2006

The "U.S. Soldier" -ASP Exclusive

This is a must read

I’ve harped on how the media has gushed about the fact that two journalists died in Iraq and glossed over the soldier who died. I know that the military won’t immediately release names until the families, but the media doesn’t even attempt to explain this.

After a call to US Army public affairs, I was able to confirm that the anonymous “U.S. soldier” who died on Tuesday was CPT James A. Funkhouser Jr., affectionately known as Alex. He was named after his father, James A. Funkhouser Sr., a 31 year retired Army veteran.

Alex was born in Okinawa, Japan, while his parents were stationed there. Growing up he was an active child. His father told me that he “liked doing things.” He read a lot and was just a normal boy. Between the ages of two and twelve, he lived in California. Then they moved to Texas. Alex fell in love with Texas, who wouldn’t?