Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Misconceptions (3 days to bday)

Apperantly, life is full of misconceptions. Alot of people get things twisted around. It happens, its life. I can't deal with any more misconceptions in my life, so this time, I'm letting them go. Happened with Jack. Happened with someone else, just recently... *sigh*

On the plus side of life, I got off a 2pm today *cheers* Got to talk to Jack a little on the phone. She's having it rough being grounded and all.

This is kinda funny, but its not... She's got a car, she's grounded. Jack can't go anywhere but to work. She can have friend's over (in her room alone) ME, I'm not grounded, but I can't go anywhere. I don't have a car. I can have friends over, but not in my room. OK! Jack is 17 y/o. I'm soon to be 26... Thats kinda f*cked up, ya think?

SO, I talked to Viking on the phone. He told me to email said person(s) with the misconceptions, and explain to a specific person my side... Well, I don't want said persons husband. I've been there. I don't feel guilty about anything because I feel I don't have anything guilty to feel about. (I didn't do anythign!) I was asked a question (I would be a god-parent to a child) and I said Yes. I thought the grandmother knew. Did she not know? well, I, don't recall not having knowledge of that. It appears that I have lost another friend, (Right after I gain back a friend) but I'm sure all will be straight in due time. Patience is of the essence.

As always my life will go on as it shall. I'll work. I'll play (when I can get a vehicle from the p'rentals or a friend come pick me -- until I get my own ride) and Well, I'll work s'more.

I really really really wish I could find/get ahold of Guy right now. I've been thinking about him alot lately and hope that he's doing well. I miss our talks. Unfortunatly, he lives in Oklahoma and I live in Arkansas and I have no way to get to/around Ft Smith to the last few places he was working at. Which is a total bummer. I almost got up the nerve to ask Hephaestus if he'd heard from Guy or knew where he was, but that would just open up old wounds of Hephaestus thinking we had an affair, that didn't happen... And I don't need anymore drama in my life if I can prevent it.

Even more now I wish to run away to Chicago. Just run away and dissapear and start over a new life.

Thier is this girl I work with, we'll call her CT, and we started there at the same time. For a while now we've been trying to figure out where we know each other from. Well, thier is this woman that works with us, I'll call her LC. LC's daughter's went to school with us. CT graduated in '96. Me in '98. We started going through our list of friends and well, we should know each other pretty well. But we have vague memories one another. But we hung out with the same people. Its strange how some can leave everlasting forever memories and others only a slight rememberance. I'm suppose to take my Yearbooks/Annuals to work Friday (Next day I work with CT) and reminisce.

Until next time, Lots of love (even if you do hate me, cuz I hate no one)


Feeling: Confused

Listening to: Daddy on the phone