Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Good news and bad news from Chicago.

Crystal called me today. Great news! NephewN and his fiance are Pregnant! But the baby has a heart defect. The Drs are opitimistic. Which is good.

The other boys, well, thier in trouble as usual.

NieceT is doing great! Her meds are working properly and she's doing awesome in school! No more bad stuff :) I am SO proud of her! I need to go to Chicago for a vacation and see her. Crystal told her of the possibility of me a vacation to see them and she's SO excited!

C'sDad, he's got his moments. He's in his retirement home, so thats a huge step. House is sold, in the process of selling the business, unfortunatly to the wrong guy. This dude has NO business sense!

Step-son is being a jerk and not calling his Dad, C'Hubbie, or spending time with them. *sigh* I oughta knock some sense into him.

And NeighborJ's sister has lung cancer and not taking well to the Chemo. I know this news has to be hard on Crystal cuz that's how her mother died.

had to share the happy news