Tuesday, May 30, 2006

We've Skipped HighSchool and went straight to Elementary

So I've been talking to this person, we'll call Murky. I thought he was a friend of a band I'm friends with. They found me on myspace. Anyhoot, lastnight I found out who this person's true identity is. He's Venus's ex bf. Ok. He wanted to bring someone over to meet me. As a friend, only. I have a guy I've been talking to, Adonis. The strange thing is, Venus actually believed, convinced herself something, that Adonis=Murky=Adonis. And that I was hiding me being friend's with Murky. WTF.

So, she apperantly called my house at 2am this morning and got my parents all riled up. And then called me at 7am this morning and sayin I betrayed her, I'm not her friend, how could I do that to her, well, you saw (maybe) the post she made lastnight in here on my journal...

Anyways, my whole point is. She said she wouldn't do that to me... OK. She did tho. She was friends with and hung out with Aries during and after our relationship. Quite frankly, I don't make my friends choose thier friends. I didn't tell her not to hang out with Suga after me and her broke up. And I expect the same respect in return. Now, I'll probly no longer be friends with Venus anymore after this post. But right now I'm so pissed off that she actually thought I would back stab her, that I don't really fuckin care.

This is my life. I didn't know who Murky was when we first started talking. He's not Adonis. I don't know if I would call me and Murky friends or not, but yes we did have a good time lastnight talking about music (mainly ICP).

If you can't open your eyes and see that I can have friends that are not just you and I'm sorry that one of them might be your ex, well, so be it. Because I know that you are friends with my exs. And I don't fucking care. I don't care if you Fucked Aries or Hephaestus, as long as it wasn't while we were together. (She hasn't that I know of and probly hasn't) All I know is that I'm not having sex with anyone right now and never have had sex with any of your exs.

And thats the end of that, I have to go to work.