Wednesday, October 27, 2010

so much to catch up on!

I started my new job at the Vet Hospital (which you all already know) and then not even a week after starting we had a family emergency and my Aunt passed away suddenly, she was one of daddy's sisters. Only 69 years old, her husband is the one who passed away about 6 months ago that we rushed down here to be at daddy's side. She died 5 months and 3 hours after he did... so very heart breaking. They allowed me to take a week off work while all that was going on to be with my dad.

Now I've been working 10-12 hour days (again) while in training. Today starts my first day at my true schedule. which is 3-4 hours in the late afternoons. So much nicer than working a full day. I know I know I use to love it but I am so burnt out... I am so tired of being "the one" I just want to be "one of the ones" lol or something, I know, I don't make sense.

So we have 185 days until we say "I do". My sister Raquel is supose to be working on our invitations and honestly between her schooling, her teaching job and her hunting/extra cirricular activities I don't know how she's going to get em done!! last we talked about them (the funeral earlier this month) she hadn't even started.

Taranis loves his job! He gets off every day at 3pm and goes in at 7am. I am so proud of him and thankful for him. He cooks dinner on the nights I work late, he helps me clean the house. I have a marvelous and wonderful man!!

We set the pool table up in the living room. He's a bit cramped but it works and I prefer to have it up than to not have it up. We also started a pool league a few weeks ago. The first game was while I was dealing with the funeral so I couldn't be there. The last 2 weeks Taranis has played and I believe our team won both of those matches, not sure about the other one... I don't appreciate that they allow smoking in the bars here in Arkansas... I feel like I've smoked a pack of cigs when I wake up in the morning and we both stink and the house smells of cig smoke from our clothes... I know I know I didn't have an issue with it when I smoked but since I'm a nonsmoker now it does pose an inconvenience on me and it makes me want to smoke.

I guess I'm gonna get off here and go catch up on ya'lls blogs a little at a time.