Tuesday, May 04, 2010

New Life, Death and Regrets

About a month ago my Uncle H was diagnosed with a brain tumor, lung cancer and a lymphnoid infection... A few weeks ago they removed the tumor and started treating everything else... He died this morning. Uncle H was wife to daddy's sister Aunt A. Wonderful people who'd give you the shirt off thier back if you needed it. Daddy was 1 of 3 boys in a family of 7 there were 4 girls. Aunt A is the second oldest daughter. Uncle H is survived by many kids, grandkids and great grandkids. Our two families were close in that they were the only siblings in Arkansas on daddy's side of the family. We spent many thanksgivings and christmases with them when I was growing up. His funeral is on Saturday. We're going to make a quick trip to pay our respects.

Akira had her baby today. New life and Death all in one day. Its too many emotions for 1 person to handle at once. While I am extremely happy for Akira my heart is burdened with sadness over my uncle.

I regret not seeing them more often. Me and my cousins keep track online via FB but I have been a bad niece and not went to see my Aunt and Uncle as often as I should. I am very ashamed of myself. I never got to say Good-Bye. It'll haunt me forever. I pray saturday is not the last time I see my aunt alive. She had a double mastectomy a few years ago for breast cancer. I hear she's very frail and sick alot... Scary isn't it? I swore I'd be a better niece then but I never lived up to my promise.