Saturday, May 01, 2010

Boot Camp results

I walked 16.5 miles this week on my machine and lost 5 lbs. Which means I lost 1.5 inches on my waist and 2 inches through my chest. (yea we're measuring too...)

My fiance who only walked once and changed nothing in his diet lost 1 lb...

I will admit I was not a perfect eater -I had icecream 2 nights. And some cookies at work but in my defense they were going away goodbye gifts from Monte. When he hugged me goodbye yesterday I almost started crying. And he knew it too he said "oh Jenny, don't cry!" It was a sad and solemn day for the whole office. Now Savannah is in charge... But that's a diff story for a different day. I think her home life is why she's been spazzy lately but like I said.........

So yea, I've lost 5 lbs this first week. Yesterday we got some artificial sweetner for our coffee and tea. We decided against decaf tea and went with diet naturally decaf A&W rootbeer, cream soda and cherry 7-up. I still need my high test tea now and then!! but atleast it's calorie free.

Compaired the light, fat free and regular yogurt and went with light. It was middle ground on the light so we went with those. Fat free is nearly double the calories!! damn them. and gross! atleast I can deal with Light.

Anyone else out there trying to battle thier weight? How's that going for you? Do you have any tips and tricks to stop or ease those chocolate cravings??