Saturday, March 06, 2010

Remembering Nilla

Nilla was a hamster. she learned her name & came to us when we said it (in her cage & in her ball running the house). She would charge at Kai & push her out of the way. Nilla was so very smart. I would open her cage door & say "lets go play" & she'd crawl right into her ball. She will be missed for both ...the cute things she did & the little annoying ones too. The house feels emptier without her. Taranis buried her in the garden today. We put a paver over her grave for safety. She was burried in a tiny cardboard box-the material she loved to chew on most (aside from her tubes)...

Nilla on her way to her new home with us from the petstore 7/08
 Nilla exploring her new cage-she loved climbing the walls 7/08

She was an excersize fanatic

♥ that little face

she would pose when I broke out the camera. Hammy Hamster?

she loved running around us on the couch and fall asleep by my thigh when she was done exploring. 

Thank you to everyone who has given us your condolences.