Tuesday, December 22, 2009

I love early Fridays!

Hump day is FRIDAY!! woohoo! I am soooo freaking happy to have a 4 day weekend!

And all that stress and shit at work is finally starting to ease off. Its taken almost a month but I think we're finally getting settled.

I hate to brag, but really... I need to: Monte said the aging hasn't looked this good in a long time! As in like EVER since he's been with the company!! PLUS between Savannah and I we have put to rest basically all of the "issues" Homer was dealing with minus 1 problem child and I just want to wring thier freakin necks. Needless to say thier blacklisted and Will Not be ever coming back to my company!

And you know what else is really awesome? Facebook. Getting in touch with my man's family on there is really great! and getting in contact with my own family on there is pretty much the fucking cat's meow.

Plus, I spent all sunday baking cupcakes and they were a hit. Our GM had 3! lol I love it.