Sunday, November 22, 2009

I'm hot...

And I don't mean "sexy" I mean...HOT. Why? We just spent the past few hours baking PB&J muffins. They taste like peanut butter cookies with Jelly inside. But they're not cookies they be muffins..aaargh!


So, its hot in the house. And I'm sweating. Nice huh? Thought you'd think so.

I'm  sorry for not being around. And for when I do only talking about work. --oh damn-- guess who the muffins are for...Yea, our works. Why? Because  I like to show that I'm a team player and that I care about the office and my coworkers. So I like to treat them to goodies now and then.

I'm off to catch up on my reader. Over 200 unread posts. Eventually I'll get em read. I do not mark all as read ever! I just may not comment on a lot of them like I normally would.

I'll be seeing you soon on your own blog!!