Thursday, October 15, 2009

when wearing a support brace can be good...or bad...

You're able to walk faster: aka roughly 2 miles in about 30 minutes...but faster than the 1 mile in 1 hour I was doing when we first started walking again post surgery!

I've gained a few lbs...some of my shirts are "snug" in the belly section...Wearing my brace to work will hide this fact and I won't feel so self-conscious...or maybe I will still feel self-conscious because that's just the way I am.

I look "skinnier" with the brace on. But I have a "muffin top" under my boobage instead of on my hips.

I sweat excessively with that brace on... It's hot. Sweating around my belly is good thing, right? Sweat the fat away??

The 10 lbs I lost. Gained back 5. I blame my period last week. I have no self control when I'm bloating and cramping and dying.

Pluses: hides the weight I've gained and allows me to walk fast because I'm not worrying about "losing my balance" because it suports me...

Minuses: muffin top and excessive sweating.

Homer complains that its cold. In the summer she complains its cold. She has maintenance crank up the heater in the winter leaving the rest of us hot & miserable... Sigh. I literally dress for summer in the winter while I'm at work...I am however looking forward to getting my first paycheck in 3 months! Part of me can't wait to go back to work!! Just over a week away!! My Dr. Appt is next week for my release!!