Thursday, September 24, 2009

Internet is Broken

Yay for blackberries! So I can tell you all about it!!

Our DSL modem busted tues night. What a glorious thing to wake up to! It just stopped poof no more, it moved on.

So we called comcast to see what kind of deal they could give us, right? Because they are our tv provider and we their so-called commercials on tv.

Haha. "Deal" is $45 a month plus taxes and then added equipment fees for about $7 a month. Plus $145 for the modem and another $50 for them to hook it up because they have to "put in a special line" if we don't want it in the living room with the tv.

I wasn't happy with those numbers nor was I happy that my broke ass had to pay upfront.

So I called at&t who is my DSL provider and told them hey look the modem I bought 3 yrs ago busted. She pulled up my account said the warranty expired but they are sending me a free one no extra fees and all I had to do was upgrade to a faster tier for $5 month more. Ha! We're stayin with at&t!!!!

And when my shiney new modem comes in I'll catch up on ya'lls blogs.
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