Saturday, July 04, 2009

taste pictures and video!

follow this link to my fb photo album to see pics of us roaming the city and the sears tower(add me as a friend if we're not already)... goto the photobucket page to see fireworks pictures...

never again will i try to upload video using anything BUT this new place i found... 10 hours later i finally remembered i have photobucket and it took 10 minutes to upload and it only uploaded the 1st 5 minutes leaving me frustrated. that was it. not the whole thing, so i've been on a rampant search trying to find something to share this video with you all... a search that started when we got home from grocery shopping 8 hours ago or whenever it was and its now almost midnight...

anyways, please watch this 20 minute video of friday's fireworks since i went through "hell" to get it here for you....

with sound, just over 20 minutes using blackberry

removed the imbedded... follow this link:

(will auto play can't help that...turn volume on mute if you don't want to hear it...)

there are other videos on this site as well that is from me, vids of the kittehs and another shorter vid of the fireworks without sound taken with the digital camera.