Friday, June 19, 2009

guess what i did...

Savannah is a friend on Facebook now... will she find this blog? i have no idea.

if she does, so be it. I don't trash talk her, just Homer. i love savannah so i'd never trash talk her anyways.

which, the past month has been a tribute to Homer being HOMER! omigod I want to go into details so bad but I keeping my tongue tightly sealed. wait, that's my lips.



i'm getting frustrated, i can't send or receive shortcodes. i can't get twitter to notify me of new tweets. i can't get facebook to notify me of new activity on my wall and i can't get myspace to update me either on new activity.

what is the point of me having the bb if its not all done for me?! WHY should "I" have to go and LOOK for it? it should be done for ME automatically.

ps, the reason its such a huge deal for me to have Savannah as a friend on facebook is becaus I said i'd never befriend a coworker... and that flew out the window along with never friending a family member! lol