Wednesday, May 06, 2009


what i didn't tell you about Friday is that me and Homer got into a nice little discussion in front of Montie regarding something that in my review i thought i was eventually going to take over...

instead of telling me politely "no, this is just for when i'm on vacation, overloaded or have a day off/sick, etc". or telling me that she apprecaites me offering to help; she side steps and takes offence to my "i would like to work with you and help us out"

I offered in an email to help and assist in any way possible that she may need me while Pic is out of the office. There are things I did Pic didn't do and vice versa. There are a few things (like 2 maybe) that she did that I was never trained in and the same with Pic.

Homer then tries to pull me out of the office into another part of the building she dubs "her office" and i said "no, we can talk in front of Montie" because the last time we "talked" she said "I hand picked you and there are plenty of others who would want this position"... you know, i felt threatnened that my job was going to be taken away from me. did i go crying to Montie or Savannah? no. I stood my ground and let it roll off my shoulders. the 2nd time she said something like that I did go to Savannah and talked to her if Homer could fire me and she said only Montie can fire me... But I didn't elaborate on why. she knew it had something to do with Homer, but left it at that.

anyways, she basically accused me of trying to take over her job and get her fired. which pissed me the fuck off and i called her out on not getting organized for when Pic left to get a game plan going since I was going to be doing all the work, if she was going to help process billing and how we were going to do this, that, etc and a bag of chips.

Well, i talked to Savannah about it all over the weekend and she said that she'd find out why Montie didn't say or do anything. Savannah is on my side that Homer should have came to me and Pic and requested that Pic show me the things she did that I didn't know...

monday passes nothing. tuesday nothing. today. i get pulled into Monties office. i get a talking to from Montie!!

i admitted i might not have "spoken" as courtesly as I should or could have. i was frustrated already and Homer seemed to be deliberatly pushing my hot buttons. He requested that I show a little more "tact" and "think around the box" when trying to deal with Homer because she is threatened by me. She has no reason to be, but she is. I could careless who is in her position as long as they stay out of my way.


i have made my final decision. I will work there until Pic comes back from maternity leave. I will find another position at the resort or I will find a different job all together.

i will NOT stand idly by while I am accused of over throwing someone when I am not. And I will not be made to feel bad when I offer my services to help out and help relieve some of her work load temporarily or permanantly which ever one she wants or Montie wants. I am here to work. I want to work and learn new things!!! I get bored doing the same thing over and over again.

i shouldn't even be talking about this crap. but right now, i don't particularly care. let em find it. let em fire me over it. they'll fuck themselves in the end because there is no one else trained but me and Akira and she's waaaay busy with her job. in the amount of time it'd take to train someone to be as fast and efficient as I am they'd be so far behind they'd never get caught up again.

When Pic left on thursday I was 1 1/2 days behind. I had been off on Monday (Homer insisted I wasn't going Fulltime) and had been working short days the rest of the week and Pic had been devoting her fulltime to 1 company that was a pain in the ass. Friday I was 70% caught up. Then Homer tried to talk to me. Then I had to leave early. I have spent my entire week this week catching up and I am caught up now. But wont be for long because I am off tomorrow and I have 10 invoices sitting on my desk that were approved last minute that I couldn't get out. So I will then have groups that left today and tomorrow to do on Friday as well. It wont be horrible I'll be caught up by the end of the day. But it can be a little tiresome and sometimes it seems like i'm getting no where...

The point is, I do have time to do other things. Not always but sometimes. While I am waiting for the billing to be approved by the managers i have time if i'm caught up and no bills to process. i usually take that time to file and do other things. like process incoming contracts, deposits, etc. which on a normal day i'd have atleast 1 new contract and a few 2nd/3rd/final deposits. it helps keep the "same ole same ole" broken up.

What I can NOT believe is that someone would actually take OFFENSE to me asking them if I could help them out and in the process learn something new....... WTF?! and its stuff that according to Savannah I should have been trained on a LONG time ago. Its no big deal really, its the same as I have been doing but its a different TYPE of meeting. That's all. so its processed in the beginning slightly different. Wooptie! Would have taken Pic like 30 minutes to show me. And now here its been a week since she left and I have yet to be trained. Guess I'm gonna have to train myself!!! Oh no, wait... I wont be training myself. Homer has now gone total selfish and stopped giving me deposits and contracts to process. Atleast she can't go total selfish on billing.

alright, this is turning into a bitch fest so I'm just gonna go. its a good thing I have tomorrow to cool off before I go back to face "doh!"...