Thursday, April 23, 2009

last 3 day weekend...

well ladies and gentlemen, Pic is down to the home stretch. she starts maternity leave affective 5-1. sigh, its going to be weird to see an empty desk next to mine every day, to not see her smiling face and hear her cute accent. she is under 1 mo til the baby comes and the doc wants her on leave and leave she is going to do!! she has approved leave until August. the whole summer!! last summer was crazy insane and there was 2 of us... granted we were both new (3 months in) to our positions. i like to think we've gotten far!!

so this earmarks my return to fulltime and away from partime. as some may know that altho i work 4 days a week we were also cut the quantity per day for those 4 days as well. argh! it was nasty, but we had a choice: we cut our hours or 1 of us leaves the workplace... So we chose to cut our hours and they made concessions to let us keep our insurances *yay* (obvsiously or i wouldn't be having these surgeries!!) i think the reason they agreed to this deal is because of Pics pregnancy. i bet if she wasn't preggers there'd only be 1 of us... or maybe not. its good to have 2 of us incase one of us gets tied up in a nasty group and that happens alot!!!

no longer will i get to take a nap in the morning after dropping Joe off to work. no longer will i get to hangout after work at Joe's work. nope, its time for him to drop me off and pick me up. with me being the only person my hours are full force baby!! and i'm telling ya, i'm ready for that almighty dollar that i lost to come back into my pocket.

i say we're gonna have some fun and a bit of extra money this summer!! yay!!