Sunday, March 29, 2009

Miss Susie Homemaker or Leader in a Post Appocolypse World

Last night I had a dream. Another one of my fucked up dreams. Me trying to summarize it to you would not do the dream justice. I have these crazy fantastic dreams and Taranis says that I should write them into a story.

I've always wanted to be a writer. I write poems. I tried my hand at short stories when I was in High School... My Lit Teacher loved them and said I should get published in the school paper. I declined and now I can't find those short stories anymore. They were pre computer along with alot of poems I've lost as well. Those I've wrote since High School have been preciously typed into my computers. I use to have them up on the web for everyone to see. But then I got into a band and we were going to use some of my stuff and so I decided to take them down... I will share with you my poems/lyrics if you wish.

Now, on to my dream.

We were in a house on a long and lonely stretch of "highway". There were men, women and children hiding in this house. There were many threats to us: renegade soldiers ransacking the homelands while raping children and women as well as murdering drifters and those who were infected.

The infected were hard to spot. A tiny scratch could be the infection and you think "oh, they just scratched themselves" until they turned for blood lust. Those were the worst because you missed a sign of infection they killed and infected more.

Like I said we're guarding this house and we're hiding out. There had been a war between the US and the countries on its borders. I do not know who won or lost but I know that the war was still going on but slowly dying off.

I was the leader of some people, my little pack of the lost and we'd just assume and pray we were forgotten. We had found this house and decided to hole up for a bit, to give the children some time to rest and we had a pregnant woman in our midst who was due anytime. Our little haven was beginning to be discovered by other lost people and a rogue soldier who wanted to hide with us and help protect us... {{He looked a little like IceCube. (Funny right?)}} I vaguely remember telling him that he would obey and respect my command if he was to stay with us.

This morning I woke up and made breakfast. But before that I ran down my dream for Taranis and he said I am kookie but that's why he loves me... I am now in the process of baking cupcakes for my work, it was Pic's birthday yesterday. As well as doing laundry.

So who am I? Little Miss Susie Homemaker or the Leader in a Post Appocolypse world? Maybe I'm both. I'd like to think that if something horrible happend I'd have the wits and knowledge to make it and to live.

I think I would like to write a story. Even if it is a short story. It would be nice to be "discovered" as a writer and be able to stay home and just concentrate on my household and my soon-to-be hubby and our future family.

Should I try and write a book/stories based on my dreams? Do you think anyone would like to read some of the crazy stuff I dream?

Painful Silence
fills the air
Roaring nothingness
comes from everywhere

Moments in Bliss
a fraction of time
Stolen seconds
you'd never be mine

Whispering Winds
tell a different story
Knowing I'm not the only one
who fell to your glory

Secrets and Betrayal
my heart the sacrifice
Yearning and Burning
with my empty life