Friday, February 13, 2009

so what's up, dude??

well, a little bit of alot of nothing and more...

February was suppose to be dead this month but we had alot of popups and a few last minute bookings so the 1st half of Feb turned out nice...for 1 person doing the billing (we'll get to that in a minute) NOW, the 2nd half of Feb is really dead. For every 1 last minute booking we had the beginning of the month we seem to have had 2 cancel in the end of the month... ack.

Pic and I both agree that if it wasn't for her being preggers one of us would be canned already.

Taranis' work is talking about creating an AR/AP position to help relieve the work load of the "HR" person... Who would then become straight Payroll and HR, no more AR/AP for her... I told him to let me know if it goes definate and I'm going to try and get in there... Also, one of thier Customer Service ladies is on her last footing as well and I'm going to try and get that job if I can.

I honestly can not stand working at the resort anymore. I have ideas, I want to learn, I want to grow, I want to be heard! I want to know more than I do. I want to expand my knowledge. And when I express this I feel like I am ignored. Pic is learning and doing new things. Homer tried to say it was because I was doing all the billing and getting it caught up so she gave Pic pet projects to do... HOWEVER, the fact of the matter is, Pic has been doing pet projects since December and has been doing pet projects and doesn't ever get to see a bill anymore.

The executive team budgets out monies through out the year and they do a forecast projection. I learned today that even though they budgeted below and forecast lower than previous years that we infact did not even meet the required budget/forecast and were in fact 3 times more in the red for January than last year. Last January we actually broke even (barely)... And they said that it looks like February wont' meet its goal either unless something happens between now and then. Which means, layoffs and cutbacks.

I'm scared that once Pic comes off Maternity leave that one of us is going to be cut from the crew or our hours will be cut drastically to part time which means no benefits for one of us. And i'm afraid its me that will be cut because I'M the one not learning anything new!!! Even though I've expressed that I WANT to learn something new. And I know it sounds paranoid, but I believe that Homer is doing it on purpose because she doesn't really like me.

I'd look into seeing if I could take the open sales coordinator job but they are not going to fill it. Instead of having 2 sales coordinators they will only have the 1.

ok, enough about work.

we went and picked up a fairly new bed today for the spare room. I've been trying to catch either a futon frame/whole futon or a bed on craigslist for ages now and FINALLY yesterday I got one!!! We got a fullsize bed. Its practically brandnew. And it was FREE! Tomorrow we're going to put it in the spare room. So, now we have bed! Who wants to stay the night???

guess what my valentines dinner was....... Sonic. Yeap, they have opened another Sonic and this one is in Bartlett. Hell Fucking Yes. And only 15 minutes from the house.