Sunday, January 18, 2009

Lazy Bones

I've ordered delivery 2x this week and we've ate out another time. The cold make me not want to do anything. And it aggrivates the L4 and L5 most heniously. And when L4/5 is aggravated I can't sit still for too long and I can't move too much. Its a godamned double edged sword that is the motherfucker of all motherfucks.

We did another Draco Run Friday night on SneezyMud that was some intense shit. Joe got an awesome prize for being the meat shield for the group. The Immortal who built the zone said I have my own awesome prize coming to me for getting over 15 people together to raid the zone AND COMPLETING IT!! This being the 5th time anyone has tried to venture in and it was the 3rd time I've attempted to gather enough forces. We got further and further everytime, but never completed it because A-people would have to leave or B-the mobs are just uber and it was well, a new part we'd never been in before. We're talking 6 hours of straight gaming, not many people have the Homelife or Stamina to be able to do that shit.

My Goal now is to write a story of our adventure (which gets me more prizes). You try going through 8 hours of text logs and try not to leave out the great parts and complete them all. I have to have it submitted by Monday so everyone else there can be awarded as well. Since I don't work on Monday I think this will be accomplishable. I went through 25% of the logs last night and it took me 5 hours BUT I was also helping another Immortal develope a Strategy Quest for Valentines Weekend and I was helping another Immortal friend of mine finish up the Room Descriptions for his new zone.

It is possible that if I complete these tasks and goals for the Groupings (Called GOAGs = Go Out And Group) that I could become the Quest Manager for said Game. How fucking sweet is that shit??!! Possible but NOT guaranteed. But who cares, just being involved and knowing that I'm acheiving a goal I set for myself is just sweet.

Time to meet his family... Pic is due in the beginning/middle of March. Homer has vacation the end of April. So, if the taxes come in like thier supose to I guess our vacation to Florida to meet his Momma will in March. Yes, March. And I am still a beached whale. GODAMN YOU FUCKING CHICAGO WINTERS!!! And damn you fucking overpriced Gyms. And Damn You Nordic Track for denying my application to BUY one of your fucking machines!

Wait, I was talking about meeting his Family... Yes, It appears we'll be meeting his Momma in March. And I'm so scared. My Daddy loves him. My family Loves Him. I've talked to his Momma handful of times on the phone and I email her almost daily random pictures of our lives. PLEASE PLEASE to all things awesome and Holy, let his Momma Love ME!

Lets see, venture out into the snow or starve....Cold or Starve...Cold or Starve... Joe says we have to go outside... Damn! I can't wait to move to Florida in a few years.