Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Cross your fingers!

I put in for my vacation today. Leaving the 6th of March and returning back to work on the 17th of March.

Everything we do in Florida now depends now on how much my tax return is (TheFirm, Unemployment and TheSpa have yet to give me my W2s) and that the prices stay low for the car rental and gasoline.

We're going to take Drake, Nilla and Lo-Jack with us. Hopefully it won't be too much with him in the car with those 2... Sigh. I need to get traveling cages now. I always wanted to get them an extension each so here is my excuse I guess. Thankfully thier not too expensive. We already have a travel cage for Drake.

My "get ready for florida" check list is the following:
--Buy a Bathing Suit (my gold bikini wont cut it anymore, ack!)
--SAVE SAVE SAVE SAVE so I can have TONS of money to get souveniers and special stuff!!

I am *SO* excited! Can you tell??