Sunday, December 14, 2008

Holiday Party #1

We showed up at the same time Hollywood* did. --We were actually 15 minutes early and ended up driving around a little while and then went back and she pulled in behind us. The 4 of us were the first ones to show. We got a nice tour of the big and beautiful mansion of a house. I want that house... or one similair to it.

After we got our tour and had our drinks in hand (wine for them, Coronoa for us). I got distracted by the Mistress of the House** She was telling me the history, etc. They are from Tennessee. Which is pretty darn awesome in my opinion.

After a while 80% of the folks intended to show up, did. And we ate little coctail snacks. They were grrrrrrreat.

Taranis found his little nitch of the group downstairs with the more brash and brazen folks of the group. And that is where I tagged along to as well. These guys were pretty hilarious. Sadly, thier girlfriends/wives (like me) were pretty standoffish to the other women and "watchful" and they stayed sober and only drank water. While thier men were doing shots, etc. You know where I was... I was sippin on some Jack on the Rocks given to me by the Master of the House** from his own private stash.

Master: Your not drinking anything, dear.
Taranis: She doesn't drink wine and beer doesn't agree with her.
Master: What do you drink?
Me: Jack Daniels and Rum.
Master: *laughs uproarisly* OH! A woman from my own heart! How do you want? On the rocks?
Me: On the rocks would be wonderful.

He then handed me a nice glass of Jack on the Rocks and I was in envious heaven. It seems that no one else in the past has been able to get at that stash :) And it immediatly got me in graces with the other guys downstairs.

My favorite person from last night: I'm going to call him HatBoy** for the moment, he stood behind the bar downstairs all night talking shit, shooting vodka and being awesome. I told Taranis that he needs to invite HatBoy and France** (one of guys that is a pool spaz like Taranis) and whoever else he'd like to be better friends with and invite them over this summer. And bring thier girls too. And seeing as how these boys like to drink... I guess I'd better start saving up the money now!!!

Well, I started off too shy to even speak. And then I started feeling a little more comfortable when Italy** and his wife showed up. We ate "dinner" with them and the HR woman with her husband. I think Italy's wife is a nice. And he's the same --he did not change from Work to Play atmosphere. And ofcourse, he's really easy to talk to. Which helped me loosen up. Thank you, Italy!!

Around 10 pm Master called everyone into the living room and thanked us all for showing up. He read a funny but long story in regards to Jack Daniels. Altho the party wasn't over, Taranis wanted to leave. He knew it could/would only get roudy now and he was feeling tired... Large social groups take it out of us now. And I was beginning to get a headache from the noise and Corona.

Hint #1 --stay away from Corona... It does not like me. Or maybe it was the "lack of food"... Not that there was a lack of food, there was plenty but I don't eat well in front of others --so seriously I personally had less food than I normally would have which most likely contributed to the headache.

By the time we got home I was hungry and a little queezy cuz of the headache. We stopped at taco bell and I took a short lived nap on the couch, long enough to help the monster growing in my head stop. (these have been occuring way too often...) And then I ate a bit of Taco Hell and then went to bed.

This morning I'm fine... No headache but I'm STARVING!!! --off to make biscuits and gravy!!!!

*Name given by Taranis' co-workers.
**Name given by me.