Thursday, November 13, 2008

Pizza Hut

4:30 PM Joe picks me up from Work.
5:00 PM we arrive home and between then and here we decided on Pizza!!!
5:02 PM I call up Pizza Hut and place my order
5:07 PM we hang up after she says It'll be about 40 minutes
5:30 PM we hear a loud muffler, closing car doors and then muffler leaving
5:50 PM repeat
6:00 PM I call Pizza Hut inquiring as to my Pizza
6:09 PM we hear a loud muffler...
6:10 PM my door bell rings..... PIZZA!!!
6:11 PM Driver can't find receipts or any paperwork. Wants me to sign blank paper...
6:12 PM He's on the phone with his manager.
6:14 PM I'm on the phone with his manager...
6:33 PM Waiting on my receipt. I have ate my fill of Pizza.

Initially he wanted me to GIVE MY FOOD back to the driver!!! I'm like "NO WAY" you've already ran my card I am NOT giving it back! I'll be here you know where I live, have the little twerp (i didn't say twerp I promise --but I wanted to say Dumb Fucker) my receipt.

What are they going to do? Call the cops on stolen pizza? It's NOT stolen its MY pizza! It's not MY fault that some little fucking twerp stupid head lost my receipts.