Monday, November 10, 2008

kickin ass and takin names

i totally kicked some corporate billing ass today at work *Flexes muscles* go me!!

i'm gonna kick some Rockband ass here in a minute after this blogpost..

I was kickin ass making "Shrimp Scampi and Linquine" with some "Spinach & Feta Spanakopita" until I burned my hand in the f*ckin oven... damn oven.

Did I tell you we totally rocked it yesterday by WALKING in the light snowfall (well i guess in Chicago you can't call that really snow....the flurries) and cold weather to the Pet Store down the street. ---STINKY! and they have Tarantulas----and gods SNAKES!!!! (help me)


please Gods & Powers That Be: Do NOT let those critters out and do NOT let them find my home... I'd apprecaite it VERY much!!

Lots of Love,