Sunday, October 19, 2008

shoes and racing and sunny days oh my!

friday night after work we decided to hit the grocery store and do a little bit of shopping. wal-mart ofcourse was packed to the brim with people --and not necessary people i'd completely trust (yes, sometimes i do judge a book by thier covers -and it does get on Joe's nerves)

all i can say is: WHITECASTLESLIDERS --tasteless little buggers but so good?! how is that?!?!

and then we're off to target! my new fave store in the world! SUPERTARGET!!!!

NONE of these places had any shoes that i would wear tho... which sucks.

but onward bound! we did find the awesome backpillow thing we're using on the couch (we pushed the ottoman into the joint where the 2 parts of the couch meet -per Titan's suggestion) and well, you know! we found the perfect backsupport and it's awesome. that was found at target... Target, your awesome! ----this makes the sitting space larger on the couch and more open floor plan for rockband playing, dancing and singing --however we need a coffee table.

None of these places had any clothes I would buy but we did find me a Jacket. An AWESOME camo jacket... I can't wait to wear it to work infront of all those conservatives..muhahahahahaha

what was i sayin?

so we came home and rockbanded for a bit and went to bed.

saturday consisted of going to the bank and having them shred my old checks with the arlington heights address and ordering new checks with the new address --all at the bank's expense. nice huh? saved me about $40 bucks right there.

then we headed to the mall and sure enough: i found me some shoes for the winter!!! BOGO PAYLESS you ROCK! I got 2 pairs of boots -1 black and 1 brown- for $20 bucks each if you average the cost out. now that's what i'm talking about!!!

Then for lunch we had the most aweome Phillycheesesteak Sandwich. And played MiniGolf.

We spent the rest of the night playing Video games and being lazy ass people cuz we rock!

and seriously, WHY did we buy SingStar??? it sucks ass most heniously. So badly that I laughed so hard at us trying to sing on singstar that i almost had an accident... thankfully the bathroom is close by.

And what are doing today? Video games, MOFO!!!! video games!!!! i got Joe sucked into Need For Speed again --I decided to try and finish off the 1st in the series so I could "feel good/right" about continueing on with the other installments and ofcourse me and my lameself gotta be all like "honey, i can't beat this --please help me--" and so he's all "ok i'll race your games for you, but you design the cars" and i tell you, i am an awesome designer!!!


Feeling: too cool for school

Listening to: Need for Speed (yes, still the 1st one)