Monday, October 20, 2008

Jack Daniels

we "rescued" a black male hamster today. He's actually black with silver stripes/patches. I have renamed him: Jack Daniels. (Joe calls him Low Jack....)

atfirst we had him and Nilla (Vanilla Butterscotch Rum) connected with their cages and atfirst they were getting along well (when they were in the new cage) but once they ventured to "Nilla's Territory" shit hit the fan and she started beating on his ass. So we had to rethink thier design and seperate them.

Pictures to come of the new addition... Eventually. He's SO adorable!!! and I can already see a difference in thier personalities.

Nilla likes to run in her wheels and Jack-D likes to explore tubes. Nilla's not too big on the tubes except to get to her wheels so we're going to get him more tubes since she's got alot of wheels.

He's only a month younger than Nilla so we figured they'd be "good friends" but --yea I think Nilla is a lesbo cuz she don't want no man!

Drake is VERY interested in Jack-D which just confirms my suspicions that he's Gay. They even nuzzled noses together when introduced and he tries to lick Nilla to death. Yeap, my Son is gay. And I'm ok with that... probably my fault for having him snipped. Or he's bi.

see ya later, folks!

--ps, i forgot to fax that letter to the Doc's office so i didn't get to prove that Ho wrong today --i'll try not to forget tomorrow.