Friday, July 07, 2006

Its gettin to be that time

Its amazing, I had 3 days off in a row. Wow. And today, I seem to have been a bloggin fool. Sometimes, I have my moments. Like today, when I was bored. ha! But it was exciting. I've had a permanant grin on my face laughing at some of the stuff I've read today, following other's 'blog rolls' and seeing what other people are up to out there that I havn't read before.

If your seeing this, an you were one of them that got a comment today and you don't know me...thats how... I was following the links today. Glad to see you made it to my little piece of cyber space.

I'm in a better mood. Thanks to all you strangers out there in blogging land.

Its almost time for me to go bed. Thinking of calling Viking before I hit the sack. After all, he did tell me to call him back.

Hades and I got to talk today for a long time on messenger. that was awesome. I've missed him. He use to live a few blocks away and I'd go over there and we'd talk for hours about anything and everything. Now he lives a good 40 mins or so away. Its not fair. But shit happens, unfortunatly and I'm glad to have him back in my life. Even if it is mostly online now, it seems. (If you've found yourself here, Hades... **waves maddly**)

I guess its a good thing that I did post alot of entries today seeing as how the next few days will be lacking in posts, with my BroD and fam comming in for thier visit. (2nd this year which is totally awesome) seems like they left just a few weeks ago.. oh yea, they did! but they'll be going back to Africa soon. Total bummer, but its for an awesome cause, so I'm happy for them.

Good night and much love to everyone out there in Blogger Land.