Sunday, June 18, 2006


Raquel and I went shopping after church. We went and bought stuff to bake a cake for daddy. We used Chocolate milk and ChipsAhoy Chocolate Chip Cookies and Chocolate and Caramel Nestle Chocolate chunks. It was SO good! Definatly took care of everyone's chocolate craving today!

While the cake was baking, we played worms. After it had cooled and we could frost it, we huged a HUGE jumbo tub of frosting on it. Its a good inch or so thick with frosting. Raquel decided we're gonna crumble cookies on top. Which made it even BETTER! Now, I always bake with milk if it calls for water. Makes it taste and texture so much better. But using the ChocoMilk was an idea both of us had. Totally delicious. And RICH. Very sweet. Get a sugar rush off this cake!

Then we played Worms s'more. It was great. I miss hanging out with my babygirl. When I lived at JamesSt Apts she was there all the time. And when I lived in CoalHill, that summer she spent it with me. Then, after we moved back to town and into GarlandStTownhouses she was there all the time as well. Raquel's talking marriage with her man. She's great. I'm so proud of her. Did I tell you guys she got on the Dean's list at her school?! Very smart cookie she is. If I would have applied myself, I'm sure I would have been as "smart" scholasticly as she is, but I didn't care. I do now! And she's an awesome Young Lady.

Told me today that the person I am now is who she remembers from when she was younger(and stayed with me alot). She didn't like who I was becomming at the end of mine and Hephaestus' marriage. She said I changed too much after we left state.

Much Love!