Friday, June 30, 2006

Score 1 for TeeJ

Or, well, In this case 3! lol

I finally caught TeeJ online so we could "chat"... All the bands I've talked to in NWA have fallen through with helping me find a venue for TheBand. So, I get to talk to TeeJ tonight and he turns me onto to 3 places. SWEET. I can't wait to hear from TheBand to find out good news or keep looking. I'm desperately trying my best to get them a place in here in Arkansas on thier way to NY from CALI.

Total plus on the Music front today. I got to catchup with TeeJ AND got some venue ideas....oh, did I say that already? lol

Got confirmation on a few things tonight that I needed... Ya know, future fall back plans. Gotta have that 2nd option. Actually, this makes a 3rd option. Wait -- I think I have 4 now! ROFL I can't say all my options, fall back plans... etc :) but trust me, in a few years if things don't pan out the way they "might"...Ya, I'm gonna be set for some awesome shit.

*go me*

Ofcourse, Adonis still hasn't gotten ahold of me... I told him I'm sick. Havn't gotten a single "I'm sorry hope you feel better"--Nothing... When he was sick I was there for him, as much as I could be. A friend of mine at work today told me to expect for "something to come up" and I wont be going to EdgeFest and I'll be home alone while he's off doing whatever. I hate to think that he would do that to me. He better not do that to me. I've had my hopes set on seeing Rob Zombie and Anthrax in concert. Do not take that from me! I've done everything in my power to get over this CRUD asap just so I can go to the damn concert and be with Adonis.

I don't think many of you will want to know me if I miss this concert! Royal bitch here I come....

My head hurts so bad... I have to work tomorrow. I think I'm gonna crash early again tonight.

MUCHO LOVE! and cross your fingers that TheBand can get into one of those Venues for thier tour. And cross your fingers that, in the event, a certain thing happens... that these "opportunities" that are popping up like wild daisies in the spring start flowering into huge beautiful spring fields!

NOT a good analogy since this seems to be mostly sinus trouble..