Friday, June 23, 2006

Loving Someone You Can't Have

So, I have to think of a new name for TheDruid. WHY?! Because of his wife. UGH.

He finally called me lastnight. And we talked. About me and him. And other things.

I wish I could have him. I love him much more deeply that anyone I could ever love. However, I can't be with him and he can't be with me. His damn mother almost ruined all that for us by blabbing in her public journal about a conversation me and her had about him and me. That was real damn smart, lady.

So, somehow, I'm in another "Guy" situation (you remember him, i'm sure. if not, go to my public journal and look around. i write about him alot) he wants me i want him. if it wasn't for his kid i'm sure we'd be together.

SO here I am. Again. In love with someone I can't have.

I feel so uncomplete.