Friday, June 02, 2006

Great Opportunity!

Most of you probly know how much of a band nerd/geek I am. Especially ones that are in thier "garage days" fazes. *giggle*

So, I was talking to the singer of a band tonight (Thier well known in thier region, not in their Garage Faze anymore). And he, bless his soul, has been trying to run one of thier fan pages. And its not been working out too well. In his words "I'm better at music than computers" and offered me to take over.

Well, ofcourse, I jumped at the chance. This is going to be so FREAKIN awesome!

*jumps up and down*

ALSO! On the band front, I've been talking with ANOTHER friend of mine that is the Drummer of a band and thier wanting a/another singer. Told me to come down and audition for them during their next practice. Anxiously awaiting when that is so I can go. Everything is starting to come together.

See, if you stay in a circle of friends that have certain expectations and you want those for yourself as well, thier goals and wants and needs, eventually you'll achieve them too!

This is so exciting! I'm going to be working for one of my fave bands on thier fans/promo stuff AND I just might possibly end up being the vocals (i'll even settle for backup vocals and they know it) for ANOTHER band! *woohoo* My life doesn't seem so boring anymore!

I need to hit the haysack cuz I work tomorrow. Love you all! And thanks to everyone for the great opporutnities before me!


Feeling: Excited

Listening to: TheBand I'll be working for (I'd say thier name but unsure on the specs of that at the moment. For now, they'll be called "TheBand")


***EDIT*** I ment, they have a name! I'm not sure on the Legalities of me using it cuz I work for them! LOL. I know it'd be promoting, but that stuff is complicating. Anyhoot, to bed with me I go! ***End Edit***