Friday, June 16, 2006

AWESOME movie!

With a surprise ending. Wow...

Lets just say this... You ofcourse know about the Mustang in the Movie... in the end, thier's a Dodge Charger. *In LOVE* and thats ALL I'm gonna say! Cuz I aint gonna spoil it for ya! Now what are you waiting for?! GO SEE THE MOVIE Fast & Furious Tokyo Drift

I was literally on the edge of my seat the entire time. I even shed a tear during one scene. I actually screamed out in the theatres in the last scene! (And so did almost everyone else) Throughout most of the movie the theatre was filled with "WOW" "AWESOME" "NO WAY MAN" "DAAAAMN" "SHIT" "OH FUCK YEA" "NO THEY DIDN'" and so on and alot of "DO IT AGAIN"

This movie, is a total must see movie! Don't listen to what the critics say. They criticize everything! If you LOVED Fast & Furious and 2Fast & 2Furious, you MUST see Tokyo Drift!

As SOON as its out on DVD I will be buying it. So far, the BEST movie I've seen yet on my birthday (Its kind of a tradition of mine, if a movie premiers on my birthday I go and see it on my birthday) and was SO not a dissapointment like alot of others! Thier were quite a few movies premiering today, but It was a "no brainer" as to which one I was gonna see. You REALLY think this Speed racings and hot car action film fanatic is gonna let the opportunity pass her by? I think NOT.

OK, On to the previews of upcomming movies that I MUST see! And I WILL see, in the Theatres. (Made a resolution to myself, even tho it sucks going alone, I will go out to the movies more often, shit its only 6 bucks)

Gridiron Gang (Premiers Sept 15th)

Jet Li Fearless *supposedly his last movie* (Premiers Aug 4th)

Pirates of the Carribean - Dead Man's Chest (Premiers July 7th)

Pathfinder (Premiers Sept 8th)

To change the subject... I've been told that I'm a hard person to by for... Present wise for christmas, birthdays and for 'just because' gifts. Well, I'm gonna make it easy for you. Here is what I'm into and what I collect.

  • Arkansas Razorbacks

  • Green Bay Packers

  • Mustang Collectables

  • Dodge Ram Collectables
    (I have an actual hubcap in my room given to me by Aries if that tells ya anything)

  • Charger Collectables

  • Ford Thunderbird Collectables

  • Collectable Cars
    (Matchbox, Hotwheels, Fresh Cherries, etc -- NO, I'm not Kiddin! If its a toy car thing and its a Mustang or Charger or Ram (or anything muscle) i'll be all over it when I go to Wally-World. I even buy the Remote Control ones, just never open them. Thier display only!)

    While we're on the subject of collectable cars, if you can find it in Yellow or Pink (Yes, pink) even better! If not, black or any other color will do. Especially if its a wicked paint job.

  • Anything Nascar
    (don't have a fave driver so all will do)

  • Gemini Collectables

  • Wizards

  • Dragons

  • Faeries

  • "cutsie" pink stuff
    (I have like 5 diff kinds of Pink Leis)

  • I don't like "Gold", I prefer "Silver"

  • Alexandrite is my birthstone

  • Music/Drama stuff
    (Like the Comedy/Trajedy faces, Music notes, porcelin masks)

  • Jokers
    (Like the Tarot Card "Fool") - Its my soul/personality/spirit card, yes all three

  • Anything to do with Football

  • Anything dealing with Paganism/Witchcraft
    (Aka Pentacles and books, tarot cards, candles, gemstones, incense, etc)

  • Fave flowers are Pink and Yellow roses

  • Well, that should give most of you a few ideas for the future for the ones that can't figure out what to get me, that want to get me something.

    So far for my birthday I've gotten dinner at my fave resturant here in town. (My fave place of all time to eat at is Outback Steak House. And a scrapbook that Raquel made me. Ofcourse, I bought myself some Silver nail polish and a date to the movies!

    Goodnight and love you all!