Thursday, June 01, 2006

Another friendship bites the dust (15 days to my birthday)

I really did like Venus. I did. Sometimes she got on my nerves, but its just something that friends do. I'm hoping this means she got over her rants. We just got off the phone and tomorrow we're going to go get her stuff out of the storage shed. (My storage shed -- altho its got alot of other people's stuff in it -- Mom, Pebbles, Venus)

Anyways, I hope one of these days she'll come around and we can go hangout or something. I've never seen age as an issue in any form of friendship (unless its underage sex and that has been a current revelation since I "grewup") But most of my Family and other friends, tell me that as a nearly 26 y/o my "best friend" should not be a 17 y/o.

Why does it seem that all the "revelations" of my life come down near my birthday? Does anyone else have that problem/issue? The 2 times Hephaestus and I broke up for any significant period of time was a few weeks before (200 and 2005). Its odd. Maybe its because it was a "life changing" time in my life. Hell, I was born. I seem to be "reborn" everytime my birthday comes around. I was told I was 2 weeks late being born and it always seems to happen the 2 weeks before I was born. I'm rambling again. Hey, atleast thier's no emoticons in this one!

I've had a few constant friends my entire life, that we've never gotten into a fight or arugument and stop speaking. One of which is Crystal, in chicago. I don't even think we've gotten into an arugument. Maybe dissagreed on some things, but never argued. ArmyGirl is another, one of my bestfriends from HS. (One of the 3 stoodgettes) As I can figure, the only reason we havn't kept in touch is because of her military career and now she's a mom of 2. I have my online friends, but they don't count in this. (Sorry, I'm talking RL buds) TheDruid is another. Me and him have been friends since I first met him through his ClarksvilleDruids study group. We've had our disagrements (mostly things I did and shouldn't have done) but its all good. We've never "stopped" talking unless our lives just got REALLY busy and he lives in Kansas now. Ram is another. I don't think we've ever gotten into an argument, wait we have, over me being with Hephaestus. He thought I was ruining my life (he was right) but he's always been here for me. I'm sure thier are more, but those are the most recent I've spoken too lately.

I'm sorry if you got left out! Please forgive me. I love you!


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